About Universe Investment Limited

Universe Investment Limited is private liability company limited by shares founded on April 26, 2017 by students at University of Rwanda. It is registered in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) under TIN number 10 7826151 and is regulated by the Law No 27/2017 of 31/05/2017 relating to campanies in Rwanda.

Our Vision

Our vision is Universe serving universe, which literally means Universe Investment serving the whole nation, region, continent, globe and the whole universe in general

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our stakeholders and expanding opportunities for development and career growth of our employees.

Our Team

Universe Investment Limited has a strong management team consisted of 17 members and the team collaborate to smooth the flow and delivery of quick services to our clients and ensure the development of the company as well.

Organization Chart

The organization chart of the campany has four (4) admnistrative levels. On the top there is the chairman of the Board of Directors who undertakes full management responsibilities of the company. He is subordinated by the Secretary of the Board of Directors who is responsible for operations taking in the company. The third level comprise of directors and officers who are subordinated by department secretaries.


The management team is headed by the Board of Directors that undertake the full responsibilities of management over all transactions and businesses of the company. The subordotates committees are also there to help the company achieve the set objectives and we have Marketing and Sales committee lead by Ms. Jolie UWAMAHORO and her secretary Mr. Aimable HABIMANA; Investment Unit lead by Mr. Benoit Picard DUSHIMIMANA and his secretary Mr. Valentin UWAYO and Internal Audit Committee by Mr. Nelson MUBILIGI. Back to top

Pierre Celestin NIYOMUGABO
From April 26, 2017

Email: celestin@universe.rw

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Email: batamuriza@universe.rw

From April 26, 2017

Email: niyitegeka@universe.rw

From April 20, 2019

Email: uwamahoro@universe.rw

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