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Universe Investment limited have been operating in 4 business sections, providing different services. Which new business section can we initiate for better development of the company? What can we improve among the services we provide?

  Your answer goes here:    

Suppose you are to play a gambling game where the chance of gaining equals to that of loosing and you are having only $10.0. If you lost, you will loose all you bet and if you win, you will gain 2 times the amount betted. The following are the only possibilities:

1. Remain with your $10.0 and do not enter this game as it is risky
2. Bet $2.0 and loose it at all, otherwise gain $4.0
3. Bet $4.0 and loose it at all, otherwise gain $8.0
4. Bet $6.0 and loose it at all, otherwise gain $12.0
5. Bet $8.0 and loose it at all, otherwise gain $16.0
6. Bet all $10.0 and loose it at all, otherwise gain $20.0

  How much are you going to bet?    

Suppose you have $10.0 to donate to John. John company's profit will be 2 times the amount you donated (ie: if you donate $2.0, John company's profit will be $4.0). Then after, John's company have to donate back to you the amount he want among the profit he got (ie: you can receive back $1.0, $2.0, $3.0 or $4.0).

  How much are you willingly to donate?    

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