These laptop locks work just as bicycle chain locks do: you find a large immovable object, such as your desk and wrap the metal cable around it. Insert the lock into your laptop’s lock slot, and assuming that the thief cares about keeping it I working condition.


  • To protect computer for the thief
  • To make working computer stay in their place
  • Never fear to leave your laptop 
  • Keep your laptop in secure place
  • Stop to make your laptop becoming mobile
  • To prevent them from being taken


Laptop Locker has two type of locker and are the following:

  • Locker with key 
  • Locker with PIN

The different of this laptop locker are on the securing system where one use PIN and other use Key.

Example of Laptop Locker

example of the locker system layout
Laptop Locker system layout on laptop

Who Need Laptop Locker?

  • Every one who use laptop but most for those used in the public place or has many people to serve.
  • Every High School need it but most those who has the laptop in computer laboratory
  • Every institution need it but those institution that need to protect their laptop to working place.

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