5 Steps to Success for Entrepreneurs

We all want to be successful in our businesses, earn more than we did last year and feel like we’ve truly progressed. But what can we do to ensure we reach these goals? I think it’s important to look at this from a practical perspective as well as visualizing and meditating regularly to get yourself in a winning state of mind. I’ve put together five steps for success in which I hope you will find useful and inspiring.

1. Identify what it is you want to achieve.

You are never going to achieve your goals if you don’t know what they are. Do you want to eat healthier? Build your list? Earn an extra $500 this month? Know what you want NOW, so you don’t miss out on it LATER. Grab a cute notebook and jot your success hit list on the first page. Better still, write it on a post-it and stick it on your mirror, your computer, your fridge — anywhere it will make a several impressions in your mind throughout the day.

2. Figure out the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Every goal should have steps that will take you to your end result. For example, I won’t lose weight this year if I don’t: go to the gym 3 times a week, eat fruit and veggies at every meal and cut down on treats. These steps are an essential and realistic way to make your goals properly accessible.

3. Promise to make each day count.

If you work from home or are trying to start a business it can be easy to get into a lazy state of mind, even if it’s just for a day or two. Before you know it, you have a backlog of things you should have done, and procrastination becomes your middle name. But! Make a promise to yourself to make each and every day count — even it’s just achieving something small or not particularly time consuming. If you feel a sense of achievement each day, you’ll feel happier, more in control and more likely to get something else ticked off your list too.

4. Plan the rest of your year.

If you’re anything like me, there will still be plenty on your 2016 to-do list; you can’t get it all done now, and you certainly don’t want to start frantically doing stuff in December. Instead, look at your year view and plan what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Me? I am finally going to start writing my novel, which has been on my mind for a long time, but I will begin it in June. Why? Because I am working on my other projects for the first half of the year, which are taking priority right now.

5. Be kind to yourself.

It’s natural to feel frustrated and a bit grumpy now and again, especially when you feel you aren’t getting the results you want quickly enough. But if you take just one thing from this article, please commit to being kinder to yourself. The old adage is true; you can’t expect to be loved by somebody else if you don’t love yourself first. You are on your team — the star player! If you make a mistake, then take what you need to learn from it, and move on — don’t hold a grudge and beat yourself up for days, weeks, or even longer! You can do it; you can be your own success story. I believe in you.

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